Welcome to the Amber Launchpad, a web3 system of synergistic utility where each approved project will implement unique mechanics to support the Bunker 2171 ecosystem.

In order to make sure you can unlock benefits on each specific project, make sure you have at least one Gorilla Nemesis for exclusive access to the launchpad whitelists and have also saved up some Amber for unique perks and discounts on the mint price. MutantKongz will also have a specific role within the Launchpad.


Learn more about the Bunker's Goompa Loompas, save Johnny the Gonny and enjoy the vibe!
Gorilla Nemesis Mint Pass phase
Amber burn mechanics


Launchpad & Gonnies
Inauguration of the Amber Launchpad. Stealth launch of the first Amber-only collection.
Launch of the project: xCursedx by Mvrk.
Exclusive benefits for Gorilla Nemesis and Amber holders.
Amber Market
Tickets for:
  • Giveaways
  • Raffles
  • AllowLists

  • Exclusively in $AMBER!
    Launch of curated projects in collaboration with external teams. Implementation of creative benefits for the bunker holders and Amber burn mechanics for each project.
    Branding & Marketing
    Once the building phase is over, we will start focusing on branding and marketing.


    The proposals will be collected, selected and analyzed by the Bunker2171 team and collaborators.

    The selected projects will be presented to the community, where the final choice will be made.

    Places will be very limited in order to maintain a quality oriented approach.

    Submit your  


    Our ecosystem is founded on a community of people who demonstrate resilience, are quality oriented, and the team’s committment to deliver results above expectations. Becoming a Bunker partner means that you also share these aforementioned community and team expectations and vision.

    The Amber Launchpad is a Bunker2171Labs project aimed at increasing the importance and visibility of the ecosystem created throughout the course of 2021, giving advantages both to the holders and to the projects that decide to collaborate.

    Bunker2171Labs is the team behind 6 interconnected collections:

    Gorilla Nemesis
    Bunker Chronicles
    Bunker Beasts
    Dragons 2171
    Alien Kimera Protocol

    The community is affectionate, united, and seeks both quality and utility.

    The first phase will begin in March 2022, with the release of the Amber Launchpad resource page and our first collection associated with the $AMBER burning mechanism.

    Our first collection was released on our site in a special dedicated section. Moving forward, we will work with external partners to provide all of the details as we finalize the collaboration.