Welcome to the Amber Launchpad, a web3 system of synergistic utility where each approved project will implement unique mechanics to support the Bunker 2171 ecosystem.

In order to make sure you can unlock benefits on each specific project, make sure you have at least one Gorilla Nemesis for exclusive access to the launchpad whitelists and have also at least one DraGON for saving up some Amber for unique perks, discounts on the mint price, and WL Raffles tickets.


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The first and only collection by Mvrk.
Listen to your silence, know your treasure, set your course, and unfold your seals.

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All 10,000 Moonbirds brought to life using AI.
All Bunker 2171 holders are eligible to win one free mint and discounted pricing during the presale!

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The Gonnies are the first test-collection mintable with Amber.
We saved all the Gonnies and they burned 195,000 $Amber!


The proposals will be collected, selected and analyzed by the Bunker 2171 team and collaborators.

Places will be very limited in order to maintain a quality oriented approach.