Back in the 21st century, Planet Earth was devastated by a nuclear disaster. Only some Gorillas survived, but they are no longer the same.

Ecosystem imbalance has caused a series of natural and virological disasters. Later, the few remaining gorillas became sentient and developed various mutations due to the constant dose of radiation.

In the year 2171, John Kongor rescued all the mutants on his way and reunited them inside Bunker 2171, creating a strong community of 500 legendary survivors (MutantKongz).

Meanwhile, a mysterious society experimented on Gorillas to find a cure for deadly new viruses, crossing gorilla DNA with other living beings.




Inside our beloved Bunker, you will find various NFT collections connected to each other.

MutantKongz (MK) and Gorilla Nemesis (GONS) are your access card to the BUNKER 2171, with exclusive members-only benefits (only 5.500 members). Each collection will have specific additional benefits.

You have full commercial rights to every NFT you own.

Whether you are here for the art or for the utility, we have created a system that will interest you!

MutantKongz are not just cool and rare radioactive NFTs. They represent the first 500 survivors of Bunker2171.

This is a derivative / homage project and not affiliated with CyberKongz in any way.

Supply 500 - SOLD OUT


Special utilities:
  • Airdrop Tickets for many of our future drops (no gas fees)
  • Discord Ranking Roles System
  • Future 1:1 unique Avatar on The Sandbox.
Gorilla Nemesis
The result of laboratory experiments by a mysterious company. Some have joined the resistance of the Bunker, others have become scary monsters that roam the radioactive wasteland.

Supply 5000 - SOLD OUT


Special utilities:
  • Mint Pass for all our future collections.
  • 404 GONS Character - DraGONS Airdrop Tickets (no gas fees)
  • ERC20 Reward System Boost

GONS Liquidity Pool on NFT20

B-2171-Vault Community Wallet
Bunker Chronicles
Bunker Chronicles is an exclusive handmade NFTs collection. It narrates the imagery of our mutants universe.

Supply - Vol. 1: 20 - Published and assigned

Special utility:
  • Governance: owning one of the limited pages of Bunker Chronicles will give you considerable weight on the decisions related to the project developments and the community activities.
Bunker Beasts
Creatures used as sources of mutation for laboratory experiments. Once set free, they became attached to the GONs and follow them wherever they go.

Supply 5000 - Claim Phase OPEN

Every Gorilla Nemesis owner will be able to mint a random companion (Free mint + Gas)

Special utility:
  • ERC20 Reward System Boost
Majestic flying creatures living far away to the Northeast of B-2171. During the Kimera Protocol, some of them were crossed with alien DNA, turning into scary monsters.

Price: 0.07 ETH
Supply 5904 - November 19th

5000 available mints (mint 1:1 only for GONS owners)
500 airdropped to MK Owners
404 airdropped to GONS Characters Owners

Special utilities:
  • ERC20 Utility Token generation
  • Alien Kimera Protocol


AMBER is the utility token of the Bunker 2171 ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.

The reward system will be implemented with the release of the DraGONS.

General characteristics of the reward system:

  • Each DraGONS will generate 1 $AMBER Token / day
  • Each Gorilla Nemesis owned will increase production by 1 % (max 50 %)
  • Each Bunker Beast owned will increase production by 1 % (max 50 %)
  • The % increase is applied to each DraGON in your wallet

Token utilities guidelines:

  • Editing DraGONS DNA: Alien Kimera Protocol [AKP]
    You will need 60 $AMBER to activate AKP and create a random Alien Kimera
  • Purchase skins, equipment and special items for The Sandbox B-2171 Avatars
  • Purchase items on our future Merch Store: members-only B-2171 streetwear


That’s right, Bunker2171 on The Sandbox. Guidelines on what we want to build in the coming months. Explorable and playable Wasteland.

B-2171 in the center of the map with:

  • Level 0: Bunker entrance
  • Level -1: underground lounge room with various interesting areas and activities.

B-2171 Underground Museum with free access for all members:

  • Level -2: MutantKongz
  • Level -3: Gorilla Nemesis & Bunker Beasts
  • Level -4: Bunker Chronicles
  • Level -5: DraGONS
  • Level -6: Alien Kimeras

Every MutantKong will be able to play his 1:1 avatar in The Sandbox. Furthermore, in the future will be possible to customize your MK avatar through the purchase of skins, other items and accessories on our future marketplace using our $AMBER utility token.

The Sandbox artists & devs:

B-2171 6×6 ESTATE


B-2171 on TheSandbox
Characters & Backstories Contests.
Bunker Chronicles Vol. 2.
Bunker Chronicles Comics.
On-site Merch Store: members-only B-2171 streetwear.
Others members-only benefits and activities TBD together with the community.

General FAQ

  • John Kongor – Founder, Developer
  • General Reese – Founder, Developer
  • El Mvrk – Illustrator
  • Harry Kongher – B-Chronicles Writer, Discord MOD & Marketing manager
  • CheetaAnne – B-Chronicles Writer
  • Luke SkyKongher – NFT addicted and councilor
  • Commander Don Kongarian – Discord MOD, Discord Bot Suite dev and manager, GoverGONS, MK & GONS Sniper
  • Commander Shark – Discord MOD, first GoverGONS, MK & GONS Sniper
  • Commander metaMori – Discord MOD, GoverGONS, YT visionary, MK & GONS Sniper
  • Commander Punkie – Discord MOD, Veteran member, GoverGONS
  • Commander ceekayng – Bunker ambassador, Veteran member, GoverGONS
  • Labslo – The Bunker Therapist, Hype Master
  • RyanH – Discord MOD, writer supervisor
  • Eliza – Community manager & Discord shilling master
  • Hazardmade – GONS-backstories writer & writing supervisor

and so many other amazing people who have helped and continue to help us since they joined this wonderful community!

Each Bunker2171Labs NFT is your access card to the BUNKER 2171, with exclusive members-only benefits. Each collection will have specific additional benefits.

You have full commercial rights to every NFT you own.

B-2171 Collections FAQ

MutantKongz are airdrop tickets for all our future collections.

MutantKongz grants a special rank inside the Discord Bunker:

  • Captain: 5 MK
  • Commander: 20+ MK or X-Kong

Commanders will receive the Bunker Chronicles pages, becoming GovernGONS.
Based on the roles we will build a weighted voting system and refine it over time.

Exclusive Bunker Chronicles giveaway only for Captains.

There are only 404 GONS Characters and are to be considered like MutantKongz in terms of utility.
They have all the benefits of GONS (Companions Free mint + gas, B-2171 Membership) plus other additional benefits.
One of which is the airdrop of future DraGONS (Same MKz mode).

We are preparing something very special. The scheduled month is November.