Back in the 21st century, Planet Earth was devastated by a nuclear disaster.

Of all the primates on Earth only the gorillas resisted the cataclysms, but such radiation played as the catalyst for their evolution by ensuring that the bipeds acquired language skills and intelligence similar to that of humans. Some gorillas developed various mutations.

In the year 2171, John Kongor rescued all the mutants on his way and reunited them inside Bunker 2171, creating a strong community of 500 legendary survivors.

Meanwhile, a mysterious society experimented on Gorillas to find a cure for deadly new viruses, crossing gorilla DNA with other living beings.

CHAPTER #1 - The Bunker
Reese has been very busy too these days, since Swan disappeared he has not stopped for a second. I tried to ask him what happened, but it seems that he has no intention of talking about it at all.
Two nights later, Reese hears movement on the surface: “Did someone get our message?”. Quickly approaching the door of the bunker, at first glance he is able to identify about ten nomads.What are their intentions?
CHAPTER #2 - The Diary
I’m so intrigued that I begin to browse through the first few pages. It seems to belong to a certain Joshua...
Emily was very excited, she wanted to help! Finding food would make her happy. We entered that desolate building, the shelves were empty but I wasn’t demoralized, and I continued to explore.
CHAPTER #3 - The Dream
Humans? Nuclear war? Surviving Gorillas? Is this the reality? Who are we? Are we monsters? Where do we come from? We have no evidence about our origins, just some legends!
What the hell? There’s someone inside! He’s intubated!!
CHAPTER #4 - Tentacles
It’s been a few months since I discovered this place. I don’t even need light to move around now, I know it by heart. I have food supplies that would be enough for many other individuals and for a long time to come. Yeah, the others…fuck!
“The antidote,” he said, “I need to take it before it’s too late”.
CHAPTER #5 - The Scientist
Usually the virus kills in a few days but he still lives! How is it possible? Does it have something to do with that injection?
I am stunned by the news of the antidote, maybe a cure is possible, but I still have no answer about what that being was and why it had attacked the Doctor.
CHAPTER #6 - The Elder
Seeking rest we sit inside what could have been an old school when an individual wearing a gas mask approaches us trying to get our attention. From his posture and his voice he seems to be old and hungry.
"Don't worry about me! My time has already passed! Thanks for the meal! I'm guessing you aren't from around here. You had better get back! It's not safe here! This is the black suits territory."
Along the way we come to a fork, there is an object on the ground. It wasn’t here when we first passed. It is a large, cylinder-shaped object with "AKP" engraved on it. I approached it and… IT’S A TRAP!
As soon as the van pulls away I run to get the diary. Only now that I pick it up from the ground, I realize that there is a kind of magnetic card hidden inside it. I wonder what it’s for.
CHAPTER #8 - The Code
My doubts are getting stronger and stronger, especially now that I'm realizing that Adam may already know this place. I want to investigate this story further! I will show him the box.
"It all started here; many years ago in this laboratory were carried out experiments that aimed at our genetic modification in order to make us stronger and to improve our immunity to this cursed gas."
CHAPTER #9 - Joshua
A large bright room appears, it's exactly as Joshua described it. Machines, scientific equipment and capsules are all still intact. Reese and the others reach me inside the lab.
Suddenly my eyes fall upon the desk; a dead body lies on the chair. I get close and see he has a piece of paper between fingers, something is written on it!
CHAPTER #10 - Far From Home
After giving Joshua a proper burial I assembled a little team including Reese and SkyKongher. I need their help for this long journey. We leave at the next dawn. To avoid unpleasant encounters we remain hidden in the woods the whole way.
Suddenly we hear steps coming up behind us...a large shadow is approaching and is getting bigger and bigger. An awesome scary creature appears; it looks like us, but it's bigger! It wears no protective suit and no gas mask, large bull horns come out of its head and a big eye protrudes from the middle of its forehead. Will it hurt us?


Bunker2171Labs presents an ecosystem of six interconnected NFT collections that are the foundation of one of the first digital and physical Web3 Brands.

Passion, Art, Quality since early 2021

Official partner with one of the industry’s leading metaverses The Sandbox Game.

MutantKongz (MKz) and Gorilla Nemesis (GONS) are your access card to the Bunker 2171, with exclusive members-only benefits (only 5.500 members). You will get the ability to play MK and GON VX Avatars in our Wasteland 2171 game experience. Each collection will have specific additional benefits.

Wasteland 2171 is a free-2-play survival open-world RPG that enables engaging Play&Earn gaming elements, to fully unravel the mysteries of the Bunker 2171 Universe, with a release date scheduled for 2022.

You have full commercial rights to every NFT you own.

MutantKongz are not just cool and rare radioactive NFTs. They represent the first 500 survivors of Bunker 2171.

MutantKongz is a special collection that pays homage to CyberKongz and is not affiliated with them. A big thanks to the community, vibe and movement they created in early 2021.

Supply: 500 - SOLD OUT


Special utilities:
  • ✓ 1 : 1 handmade MutantKongz VX Avatar NFTs also playable on The Sandbox.
  • Airdrop Tickets for many of our drops No Gas Fees
    500 GONS airdropped
    500 DraGONS airdropped
  • Exclusive Discord Roles System Captains & Commanders
The result of laboratory experiments by a mysterious company. Some have joined the resistance of the Bunker, others have become scary monsters that roam the radioactive wasteland.

Supply: 5000 - SOLD OUT
500 airdropped to MK owners


Special utilities:
  • Future 1 : 1 Gorilla Nemesis VX Avatar NFTs also playable on The Sandbox. For each Alien Kimera owned it will be possible to claim one and only one Gorilla Nemesis VX 1 : 1.
  • Amber yield Boost
  • Mint Pass for our future projects launchpad.
  • 404 GON Characters - DraGONS Airdrop Tickets No Gas Fees
    404 DraGONS airdropped

GONS Liquidity Pool on NFT20
B-2171-Vault Community Wallet
Official GONS Gallery
Bunker Chronicles is an exclusive handmade NFTs collection. It narrates the imagery of our mutants universe.

Supply Vol. 1: 20 - Published and assigned
18 airdropped to MK owners

Special utility:
  • Governance: owning one of the limited pages of Bunker Chronicles will give you considerable weight on the decisions related to the project developments and the community activities.
Creatures used as sources of mutation for laboratory experiments. Once set free, they became attached to the GONS and follow them wherever they go.

Supply 5000 - Claim Phase OPEN

Every Gorilla Nemesis owner is able to claim his random companion Free Claim + Gas Fees

Special utility:
  • Amber yield Boost

You can find GONS with unclaimed Bunker Beasts in the GONS Gallery!
Majestic flying creatures living far away to the Northeast of B-2171. During the Kimera Protocol, some of them were crossed with alien DNA, turning into scary monsters.

Supply 3749 - Mint Phase CLOSED
500 airdropped to MK owners
404 airdropped to GON Characters owners

Special utilities:
During the Alien Kimera Protocol, some DraGONS were crossed with alien DNA, turning into scary monsters.

Supply 5000 - Protocol Active

Special utilities:
  • Each AK will be a ticket to redeem a Gorilla Nemesis VX 1 : 1. GON VX will not be random, but you will get the VX version of the GON you choose, from the ones you own. The process can only be done once per AK + GON pair.



AMBER is the utility token of the Bunker 2171 ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value. 

General characteristics:

  • Each DraGON yields 1 $AMBER Token per day
  • Each Gorilla Nemesis will increase Amber production by 1 %, max 50 %
  • Each Bunker Beast will increase Amber production by 1 %, max 50 %
  • The % increase is applied to each DraGON in your wallet

Utility guidelines and burn mechanics:

Useful links:


Explorable and playable Wasteland:

  • Play & Earn mechanics for MutantKongz, Gorilla Nemesis, Bunker Beasts, DraGONS and Alien Kimera holders!
  • Every MutantKong and Gorilla Nemesis will be able to play his 1:1 Avatar in The Sandbox. Furthermore, in the future will be possible to customize MK and GON avatars through the purchase of skins, other items and accessories on our future marketplace using our $AMBER utility token.
  • The bunker will be dark, dingy and claustrophobic. Flickering lights and crackling radios give the impression that the bunker is barely functional and might give out at any moment. Everything is either broken or held together in an improvised manner. What little power that gets generated is restricted to necessities – food, water, air.
  • The wasteland will appear expansive and desolate, the scorched terrain extending far into the distance. Destroyed buildings and mountains of rubble dot the landscape’s horizon. Remnants of life can be found amongst the ramshackle settlements scattered around the region. Be careful, not all are friendly.
  • There will be many locations to discover and explore. Each will have its own story purpose and aesthetic style. Bandit camps will be primitive and barbaric, signaled by hanging corpses and bloodstained walls. Abandoned bunkers and uninhabited towns will be eerily quiet, grimy and caustic. They may seem like decent places to loot but beware, you may not be the only one with the idea. The Black Suit Fortress and power plant give off mysterious aura, shielding outsiders from the secret horrors within.



John Kongor

Founder & Developer

General Reese

Founder & Developer

El Mvrk


Harry Kongher

B-Chronicles Writer, Community manager

Cheeta Anne

B-Chronicles Writer, Amber Farmer

Luke SK

NFT addicted & investor



and so many other amazing people who have helped and continue to help us since they joined this wonderful community!

MutantKongz are airdrop tickets for all our future collections.

MutantKongz grants a special rank inside the Discord Bunker:

  • Captain: 5 MK
  • Commander: 20+ MK or X-Kong

Commanders will receive the Bunker Chronicles pages, becoming GovernGONS.
Based on the roles we will build a weighted voting system and refine it over time.

Exclusive Bunker Chronicles giveaway only for Captains.

There are only 404 GONS Characters and are to be considered like MutantKongz in terms of utility.
They have all the benefits of GONS (Companions Free mint, B-2171 Membership) plus other additional benefits.
One of which is the airdrop of our collection: DraGONS 2171 (Same as the MKz airdrop mode).

You will need any VX Avatar compatible with The Sandbox.

However, to get unlimited and exclusive access to all restricted areas and Play-to-Earn mechanics you will need to have 1 official Bunker 2171 avatar.

MutantKongz owners will be eligible to claim their MutantKongz VX 1: 1. Snapshot and drop details TBA.

Owners of Gorilla Nemesis will also have a chance to get their Gorilla Nemesis VX 1: 1. To do this, they will need to have one of the Alien Kimeras in their wallet. The claim process can be done once per pair Alien Kimera – Gorilla Nemesis (No burn).

Every DraGON yields 1 Amber per day for 2171 days. Ok, now what? Our approach has always been to build nested utilities that increasingly connect the inter-collection imagery of our ecosystem.

Amber is the utility token in which we are aiming to channel all our resources.

Our vision is to found the future utility of the entire project in the various fields of interest of our expansion on Amber.

The Alien Kimera Protocol is the first official utility of the amber token. You can find additional information in the “Ecosystem” and “AKP Dashboard” sections.

The B-2171 Amber Launchpad will be a platform on which collaborative projects will be launched or curated by Bunker2171Labs.

The vision and objective will be to give structure, trust and visibility to the projects, while implementing utilities for both owners of NFTs signed by Bunker 2171 and Amber, such as parallel burn mechanics and other surprises and exclusive benefits.

Soon you will have a nice surprise that will explain everything to you in a practical way.